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Honey Watching Wednesday

There’s plenty to be envious of when talking about Florida. They are the reigning national champions in both football and basketball and they have thousands of recruits in-state begging to get a chance to play in Gainesville.

But most important, they are the school that ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews calls home. Yes, Andrews is a Gator. What’s more fitting this week than to name her our first two-time Honey Watching Wednesday poster girl?

There are many mysteries in life, but none more confusing than why ESPN keeps Holly Rowe on its primetime games, while relegating Andrews to the noon sleeper broadcast. I’m totally convinced that the head of talent at the World Wide Leader is a flaming homosexual – not that there’s anything wrong with that. When will the madness stop?

Anyway, instead of our traditional picture, we are linking a video montage of Andrews you know, because of her status as a two-time winner. Taking the time to put this together is a little creepy, but we’re glad you did it – whoever you are.

When you finish watching this, you'll never make fun of kids who grew up on farms in Iowa.