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Keep Your Enemies Close: Florida Edition

By Jay Coulter

While this year’s Auburn-Florida game might not hold the excitement of years past, it’s still a big one – at least for Auburn. While watching ESPN’s College Football Live Tuesday, host John Saunders questioned whether the Gators might overlook Auburn this weekend because of its game the following week with LSU.

Man, talk about being poked in the eye with a stick. That hurts.

Auburn may not win, but you can bet they’ll be ready to play Saturday night. And my guess is you’ll be ready to go.  Here’s a little background on Florida from five excellent blogs. They will give you all the information you need to get ready for the Gators...

Alligator – An excellent site to get the latest news, rumors and updates on the Gators. They are part of the SB Nation and therefore are the best around.

Every Day Should Be – This is hands down, without question, the most popular blog on the internet. It’s a must read everyday of the year, regardless of whether Auburn is playing Florida. Orson Swindle writes better than anyone on Leno or Letterman (yes, he’s that funny) and he ties it to college football. You can thank me later.

Orange and Blue – My friend Ryan Ferguson runs this site and I have to tell you it’s one of the best college football blogs around. I also have to warn you. These guys hate Auburn. Ryan and I worked together at AOL Sports last year and somehow struck up a friendship. He hates Auburn. I hate Florida. We get along great. Go figure. Check out his site this week.

Here are a few others worth a look...