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War Eagle Hey!

By Jay Coulter

Has a victory ever felt better than tonight’s win over third-ranked Florida? Auburn’s coaches and players have hung together like true champions and tonight they get to enjoy the spoils of victory.  

We’ll have much more coverage tomorrow, but for now I leave you with a post by a prick at Orange and Blue Hue, a Florida sports blog that got a lot of coverage for this post made on September 18th. Pay close attention to the last paragraph. War Eagle! Enjoy...

AUBURN KITTY CATS (September 18, 2007)
For two weeks in a row the Auburn team took the field at home against a lesser opponent and lived up to my preseason expectations.  

This time it was the Mississippi Bulldogs who outhit and bullied the Auburn Pussies up and down the field.  I like the MSU defense but their offense is horrid and that’s BEFORE they lost starting quarterback Michael Henig.  

With true freshman Wesley Carroll taking over the Mississippi State coaches turned almost exclusively to their running attack to win the game. To say the MSU play calling was a bit conservative is like saying Hurricane Katrina was a little windy.

This Auburn team will be hard pressed to make a bowl game this year. With games remaining at Florida, at LSU, at Arkansas, at Georgia and against Alabama this looks to be a 7 loss team.  They have two sure wins in Tennessee Tech and New Mexico State but Vanderbilt and Ole Miss are not givens anymore.  

I have been critical of Tuberville but if he can somehow manage to win 8 games with this team I will reevaluate his ability to coach. Now that Auburn has faced extreme adversity we will see how they respond. My prediction is that they will roll over and die: aka "Dead Pussy walking"!!!  

By the way Gator fans, this isn’t one of the stiffer SEC tests I was referring to in the previous section. Auburn is not as good as UT and will also be blown out in the swamp.