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Friday News and Notes

By Jay Coulter

With the final game of the college football season in the books, it's starting to really feel like the off season. The college football shows on television and radio are wrapping up for the year and now things are starting to shift toward recruiting.

Our plans going forward here at Track'em are to continue primarily focusing on football. We'll touch on basketball as warranted. Sadly, this looks like another lost season for Jeff Lebo's group.

Even though the regular season has ended, Auburn football will continue to be front page news through February.

National Signing Day comes in early February and that's followed by spring practice later in the month. I believe a name change for spring practice is in order.

Something I want to do during the off-season is hear from you.  I'd love to get your take on any number of subjects related to Auburn football or any other sport. If you've got a point to make, share it with us.

Don't worry if you feel like you can't write.  We'll clean it up for you. It's your ideas that count.  Put your thoughts on paper and email them to me.  We'll select the best ones and run them here.

Now to some coaching news.  We talked yesterday about former offensive coordinator Al Borges interviewing with Ole Miss.

Today, he interviewed for the UCLA coordinator job. You'll remember that Borges served as OC for the Bruins from 1996-2000.  

There's no question that Borges will land on his feet. My guess is the UCLA job is a much better fit than Ole Miss.

You have to give Tommy Tuberville credit. He's maintained total secrecy in his search for a new defensive coordinator.

Not one person I've talked with has a clue as to what direction Tuberville is headed.

Today, Tuberville said that a decision may not be announced until next week. Sooner or later word will leak out on who's been interviewed, who's been offered and ultimately who the new guy will be. We'll keep you posted.

This is a huge recruiting weekend on the Plains. Auburn is welcoming 15 recruits to campus. The headliners include: Linebacker William Green, Hoover; Wide Receiver Burton Scott, Prichard; Defensive end Robert Quinn, Charleston, South Carolina; Wide receiver Jarmon Fortson, Columbus, Georgia, Quarterback Barrett Trotter, Birmingham and running back Eric Smith, Seffner, Florida.

The group includes a good mix of those already committed and those still looking. This is a make or break weekend in a lot of ways.    

Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday.