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Wednesday's Auburn Notebook

By Jay Coulter

The defensive coordinator watch continues at Auburn with no end in sight. Many in the press have speculated that Tommy Tuberville will have a coordinator in place by the end of the day.

If outward appearances count for anything, then it’s not likely. Tuberville spent Tuesday in the Memphis area recruiting. With another big recruiting weekend looming, it’s hard to imagine this dragging on too much longer.

Who said Auburn couldn’t keep a secret? I’ve never seen Tuberville this tightlipped. Many are speculating that he could come from the NFL.

There’s something refreshing about a coaching search (at any level) being played out in private. If you have a guess as to who it will be, I’d love for you to share it with us.

Don’t be surprised if the new coordinator is not a household name. Tuberville is much more concerned with continuity and how the person fits in with the existing staff. Judging from the past, I trust Tuberville completely.

A lot of people on the internet are saying Auburn didn’t have a good recruiting weekend this past week.  Don’t be fooled. Auburn coaches are known to ask some commitments to hold public comment until closer to signing day.

There’s so much pressure from boosters at other schools that Auburn coaches often try to protect the players by asking them to hold off on publicly committing.  

Don’t be surprised to see Auburn flip a few prospects already committed to "that school up the road."  That line was for you Dennis Franchione.

Auburn has finally set its Spring Practice schedule. It’s not your traditional Spring schedule. The Tigers are tentatively scheduled to begin on February 28th.  

They will take a week-long break in mid-March for Spring Break and reconvene for a final week of practice that will lead up to A-Day on March 29th at 1:00 p.m. CT.

Auburn travels to Baton Rouge tonight to take on LSU in men’s basketball. Don’t worry. I won’t have the open thread up.

Wouldn’t you love to be competitive in men’s basketball again?

I really have mixed feelings on Jeff Lebo.  His team plays as hard any in the conference. Watching Saturday’s loss in Gainesville, you had to be impressed with the effort Auburn gave.

At the same time, you wonder whether Lebo just has incredibly bad luck or is it something else. Recruiting players to Auburn has to be incredibly difficult. The facilities continue to look like something straight out of Hoosiers. The new arena can’t come fast enough.