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Muschamp To Texas?

By Jay Coulter

Here we go again. News has leaked out tonight that Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp is in Texas interviewing for the same position with the Longhorns.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting this evening that a deal could be reached quickly. According to the paper's website, Muschamp would call the defensive plays but would be a co-coordinator with Duane Akina, who would continue to coach the secondary.

You will remember that former Auburn defensive coordinator Gene Chizik bolted for Texas following the undefeated 2004 season.

What a difference a few days make. Following the win over Clemson on Monday, Muschamp said that "Anyone out there that wants to be a winner needs to become an Auburn Tiger."

I don’t know about you, but this is starting to stick in my craw. There’s no question Texas has its advantages being the state school in one of the biggest football factories in America.

But what does a move to Texas do for you if you are Muschamp? For Gene Chizik, it meant a head coaching job at Iowa State, better known as the Vanderbilt of the Big 12. At this point we have to assume that Auburn will match whatever Texas is offering in terms of money.

Maybe I’m a naïve Auburn homer, but I believe Muschamp could land the same quality head coaching job from Auburn that he could from Texas.

You can bet this isn’t sitting well with Tommy Tuberville. My guess is that if Muschamp flew to Austin to interview, then he’s likely gone.

If this proves to be true, it’s a huge blow to Auburn heading into 2008.  Winning the SEC with two new coordinators will be a tall task even with the talent the Tigers have returning.