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Question of the Day: Who’s Going To Start At Quarterback For Auburn Next Season?

By Jay Coulter

I was a guest on The Sports Tap radio show Wednesday night and one of the first questions from Brien Straw was whether Auburn had the talent to run Tony Franklin’s spread offense next year – especially at quarterback.

What we do know is that it ran pretty good with Brandon Cox and Kodi Burns on Monday night.

It’s an obvious question and one that will be asked over and over for the next eight months.

Tommy Tuberville has already named Burns the number one quarterback heading into spring practice. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing.

Ask Blake Field. He was named Cox’s backup following the Tennessee Tech game and never saw the field against Clemson.

In other words, things change quickly.

My guess is that Burns will compete with JUCO transfer Chris Todd in the spring and late into fall practice before a decision is made.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that Todd is the chosen one. By Franklin bringing him in for a visit only days after being hired and convincing him to spurn Troy for Auburn, it does tend to make people think that way.

In the words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friend.

Let’s not forget that Todd was offered a scholarship prior to Franklin seeing Burns take a snap. Franklin obviously liked what he saw leading up to the bowl game. Tuberville said that Burns speed and confidence puts him ahead of Field and Neil Caudle for now. But don’t count either one out yet.

The questions being asked about Burns today are the same ones that were asked prior to this season about Florida’s Tim Tebow.  Everyone knew he could run, but nobody was sure he could pass.

Tebow silenced the critics early. Burns will be expected to do the same thing in February when spring practice begins.

Todd begins classes next week and will take part in winter workouts leading up to spring practice. Having a couple of years experience under his belt will be an advantage early.

In the end, it’s all good for Auburn. And besides, after Monday who’s to say both won’t play?