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The Original Google

By Jay Coulter

Happy Friday to everyone.  It’s nice to be among the living.  I’ve just finished up four days of hell in the form a wicked virus. This was bad in every way.

It was one of those can’t get out of bed or even raise your head kind of illnesses.  Talk about losing six pounds the hard way. But at least the extra holiday weight is a thing of the past.

With that said, we’ll move on.  

I got an interesting piece of email yesterday on a new service Auburn has started. The University has a new YouTube site where they have placed more than 70 videos on various things going on around school.  

Currently, the most watched video is of Matt Lauer and the Today Show making a call to Foy Union in November (see above). They also have the usual posts like the Eagle flying and Aubie competing at various competitions.  Overall, it’s pretty good stuff. Check it out and subscribe.

Phillip Marshall has an interesting piece on his blog today about the treatment Auburn offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey continues to receive more than three months after the chop block at LSU.

It seems that things have gone from bad to worse. The Ramsey family has even threatened legal action against ESPN for continuing to defame their son. Unfortunately, there’s probably little they can do.

Ramsey says the block was unintentional. I have to believe him. Here’s an 18 year-old kid playing in probably the biggest game of his life on a Saturday night in Baton Rouge. You can bet his move was sheer instinct. The coaches have supported him from the start.

It was terrible for all parties involved. Glenn Dorsey is by all measures a stand up guy both on the field and off. It was unfortunate that he was hurt. Both schools seem to have backed away. Unfortunately the media hasn’t.  

Ramsey is a great athlete with a bright future. This issue was probably close to dead before this post.

Still, it was a story worth writing and a good lesson for all of us. There are crazy people in this world who are just unstable enough to go after good people and their families.

My guess is, this story has probably run its news cycle. It's time for everyone involved to move on.