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How True Blue a Tiger Fan Are You?


What's the measure of a true college football fan? How do you demonstrate your fanhood to the great masses? What separates a real fan from a lessor one, or even a (shudder) bandwagon fan? Perhaps we can help you determine this. Take our little quiz below that looks like it could have come right out of Cosmopolitan magazine, then rank yourself accordingly. It's real simple. Give yourself 5 points for each of the 20 statements below that apply to you and add up your score. We'll interpret the results for you below.

For the first group of statements, please determine which the following apply to you in your lifetime:

1) Is anyone in your immediate family an alum?

2) Are you an alum?

3) Know all the words to War Eagle?

4) Have you ever gotten into an altercation (you define) with opposing fans at or near the game, before, during or after?

5) Ever committed an act of vandalism during a game weekend either to exalt our team or disparage the other?

6) Road-tripped to an away game?

For the second group of statements, please determine which of the following apply to you in the last ten years:

7) If you haven't attended them, have you watched every single televised game in a season?

8) Watched a game on pay-per-view, either purchasing it or see it at a bar?

9) Attended a home game in person?

10) Held a season ticket, either purchased directly or on the secondary market?

11) Tailgated before the game?

12) Travelled to an away game (including bowls)?

13) Been to a Bowl Game?

14) Taken or ridden on a RV to a game (not partied on one once it was there)?

15) Shown up to a game without a ticket, intending to actually go inside the stadium?

16) Does your vehicle have any permanently affixed displays of your team?

17) Wear partisan clothing on game day?

18) Belong to or attend functions of a booster club, including going to see the coach speak?

19) Donate money to the athletic department (outside of purchasing tickets)?

20) Visit an opposing team's blog sites to scout it out?


75-100: You're a damn good fan!

50-70: You're going to have to run wind sprints after practice!

0-45: I'm really surprised you're on a college football blog. Did you make a wrong turn on eBay?

What did I leave out? Also, be sure to leave your score in the comments section. And since honesty is such a lonely word, it's mostly what we need from you!