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Killed Rumors and Barrett Trotter

Coach Tuberville sure shut the rumors down quickly this time.  He has emphatically denied any and all rumors surrounding his coaching situation.  All I can say about this is that, "It is about time!"   This is what most Auburn Fans really want.  Tuberville needs to quit being so cryptic and just tell the fans what his plans are.  Last season with the "Duck Hunting" incident, and/or the Texas A&M bit, we as fans were left waiting and wondering what Tuberville’s thoughts could be.  This is exactly what Auburn needs, stability.  Whether it is another "Pine Box" statement, which we all know Tommy made before he bolted Ole Miss for the Plains, or not is yet to be seen.  As I have said before Tuberville will not be going anywhere.  He is officially an Auburn Man.  Thank you Coach, I greatly appreciate you killing these rumors before they get out of hand.  Now if we could get Jay Jacobs and the Board of Trustees to come out and say that Tuberville is our man, Auburn would be set.


Side note… has anyone else noticed that the loudest cheer in Jordan-Hare is during the variation of the Auburn Creed pregame video.  That cheer comes after Tuberville himself says "I believe in Auburn."  (It gives me chills thinking about it.)   Why would anyone cheer so loudly on game day, and then want him let go the rest of the week? 


On to the more pressing issue…  Why would Tuberville even be considering dropping the redshirt on Trotter?  With seven games in the books and a Thursday night game in Morgantown looming, putting Trotter in would be a massive error in judgment.  We have issues at QB… that is a fact, but burning a year of eligibility for basically three games is just plain insanity.  Since Tuberville has not come out and said that Trotter is head and shoulders above the other QBs, it would be a crime to waste a year.  Kodi needs the reps anyways, and I think that we will be able to lead Auburn over the final five games, and possibly pull out at least one upset.  If for some reason Kodi cannot go anymore, let Caudle have a shot.  Some people are not practice people, which it is obvious Caudle is not but game day is another matter.  Maybe Neil can be our backup should the need arise.


This season is not lost, it went of course that is for sure, but it can be salvaged.  If we can pull out a win on a frigid night in West Virginia play well in Oxofrd and then build some more momentum during Homecoming, maybe, just maybe we can salvage this year with an upset or two.


War Eagle