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Rumors, Innuendo, and Other Off-Week Highlights


Silly me. At the beginning of the season, I had transcribed our schedule onto my calendar at work--incorrectly, as it turns out. I had the Iron Bowl immediately following the Georgia game, you know, where it belongs, so I went through most of last week thinking that we had a one-week turnaround. Since we had that fun panty raid over at Dawg Sports, I thought it might be a good idea to scout out sister SB Nation Blog Roll Bama Roll to see what formations they might be running in practice and determine what kind of mischief we might get into. Looks like that will have to wait a week or so, but I would like to take this opportunity to invite all Bammers over next week for some fun festivities. I'm thinking about dedicating a whole thread just for them that doesn't necessarily include a Top 10 list. We'll be sure to have great commentary, fun polls, and a magic show for the kids, so we'll see you then...

Evidently, an email is circulating, especially amongst the students, (and HEY students, how about a little Hat Tip now and then?) that purports the tale of a friend of a player, describing how the team is dealing with some recent treachery by Tony Franklin. Witness: (Sorry, giving it verbatim. If you want to track the originator down, look for someone missing a pinkey, used for hitting the shift key...)

from a player in my lab…i had befriended one of the senior lineman…he was responsible for signaling in plays…he said that this past week was the hardest preparation week they have had all year…the reason…all of the signs that are used had to be changed…apparantly after the utm game, one of the utm coaches came up to tubbs and told him that his signs had been known by every team he’s played since franklin left…not only that, but mark richt called tubbs the week before the uga game (btw mark richt may be my new favorite coach because of this) and told tubberville it was in his best interest to change all of his signs because he knew all of them…wonder why we started going to a huddle now???…from everything i gather, coach tony franklin put those bad boys out there for the world to know…it can be traced back to arkansas is what coach richt said…so for the past however many weeks, every team we played either knew our signs, or had the opportunity to know them…i’m not saying that that’s an excuse for our offensive woes, but it could explain how we looked so predictable and how kodi makes a majority of his completions after the play has broken down…i knew franklin was a snake, but if this is true, i hope he never coaches again…i hope he has to go door to door selling his books and video’s…he’s dead to me…

Now that's funny! It's complete bonk, but perfect fodder for those looking to pile onto our miserable season. I'm really surprised that none of the Bammers have sent this to my personal email yet with all the other jokes they keep me apprised of. (Keep the cards and letters and good-wishes coming!) But what's even funnier than the email itself is the belief that Auburn folk created it just to excuse their poor performance on the field this season. That takes the top shelf prize, right there. What's next? An email from Gogue to the student body that will offer grief counseling to all requesting it after the Iron Bowl?

And what's this persistent rumor growing legs about some back-channel agreement/conspiracy/abdication of Tubs to Clemson being a done deal? It's been reported by a few sites, and even Mr. College Football himself, Tony Barnhart, alluded to it's possibility last week, although now I can't find the specific reference in his blog (hmmmm...). Depending on which blog you read, and the time of day, they have Tubs leaving ranging from after the Iron Bowl to after Thanksgiving dinner. Jeeeez! I know stories are hard to come by in the blogosphere, but promulgating this kind of stuff is scraping the barnacles off the bottom. Feeding topics like these are one of the reasons the establishment hates sports blogs.

And speaking of hating blogs, this week Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez, in a complete moment of candor, had this to say about blogs:

I don't get on message boards. I don't think anybody, any of our players or family should. But it's amazing some of the things that people would say or amazing things people will yell at you of a personal nature. You almost want to tell them get a life. I mean, there's a whole lot bigger problems. You lose a ballgame, and then you look at the economy or after every game I usually get to meet one of our veterans or somebody. You know, to take it personal on a coach or player to me, I don't think it's ever right.

Roger that, RichRod. I kinda understand what he's saying, but perhaps having a current record of 3-8 isn't the best time to say it. But wait. If you don't get on them, how do you know all the personal attacks that they contain? Or does your coaching staff have a dedicated blog/message-board scout? I'm thinking that Richie reads them. I wonder if our coaches read any? If they do, it's probably that damn Joe Cribbs Car Wash. Man, what I wouldn't give for a little acknowledgement from our staff! Just some kind of sign. Even a denial. Tubs: "We totally disavow reading anything from Track Em Tigers, and nothing says denial like Bryan luncheon meats..." Yup. We bloggers are so lonely, we have to subside on shout-outs from other bloggers. It's a world with tough, tough competitors...