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Strange Feeling



Does anyone think that this Iron Bowl has a different feeling to it?  Is it just me or do the offensive woes of Auburn and the unblemished play of Bama put a negative spin on this game?  Well, I just don’t buy it. 

Were we supposed to win in 1972… nope.  How about 1982… nope.  What about 1989… again most would say no, although Auburn people knew that the Tide would not win that day.  Even in 2002, with all the Auburn injuries and playing a Bama teamed ranked 7th in the nation in Tuscaloosa, we prevailed.  What makes this year any different?  Is it because we have shown no ability to get the ball in the end zone on offense?  Is it because we have lost 6 games?  I cannot answer those questions, but dammit Auburn can do it.


Coaches and players can talk about one day at a time and it is fine by me.  In my opinion, if fans use that cliché than they just look plain dumb.  Well no matter who is using that tired ole cliché, players, coaches or fans, we are at that critical point.  There are no more days… if we lose this game, it is our last game of the year.  It is win or go home.  I am not quite ready to end this season that some are calling the season of death.  It has been painful, but our seniors should not have to go out to a losing season.  It is a tall order, Bryant-Denny will be packed and ridiculously loud.  But I doubt it will be louder than Jordan-Hare is on any SEC Saturday.  Auburn teams of the past have been here before.  The Auburn Coaching Staff has been here before as well.  Maybe, just maybe, this team can call on them to show the leadership involved in getting a huge win in hostile territory.


Is Auburn the better team on paper?  Absolutely not.  Has the best team on paper always won the game?  We know the answer to that one.  Auburn is in position to do something miraculous.  They can be mentioned in Iron Bowl lore with Punt Bama Punt, Bo over the top, or more recently the Tre Smith Show.  I just have a feeling that this team is going to come together this week.  I have been looking for that to happen in the last couple of games, but it has just not clicked.  This is the week.  Bama fans are saying that, “We as Auburn Fans are crazy for thinking that the Tigers can come together on the biggest stage.”  They also add that our one glimmer of hope is moving the ball "pretty well" against Georgia.  I will take that glimmer of hope.  That is hope that on the biggest stage, players want to make plays.  Sometimes those plays work out, and some times they don’t.  If Kodi and whoever is kicking the FGs can make plays... we have a chance.  I will never count my guys out.  Especially with our defense finally back and semi-healthy.  As a fan, a chance is all I need. 


We all are fans, which is short for fanatic… we should be as hyped and fanatical about the 2008 edition as any other Iron Bowl.  So if you are going to Tuscaloosa, bring it and yell like you have for the past six Iron Bowls.  If you are going to be staying at home, yell just like you were at Bryant-Denny.  That is what I will be doing, and I am sure the neighbors will be fine with it.  I will be missing my first Iron Bowl in 11 years, and my first ever in Tuscaloosa.  It is not because of a lack of trying, or that I do not have faith in my Tigers.  The stars have not aligned for me this season like seasons past.  I will be there in spirit my friends, and cheering until the very last play.


War Damn Eagle