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Disappointing Loss and a Disappointing Season


Watching the game yesterday, all I could do was pause my TiVo and watch some of the mistakes that were happening over and over again.  We all knew that Auburn would have to play the perfect game to even be able to stay on the field with the Tide.  That did not happen.  Bama did exactly what they needed to do.  Play their game.  Auburn did nothing special and one the early game adrenaline ran out… we were the same ole team.

Kodi, was under pressure a good bit, and handled it well but he had guys open a lot.  The one particular play I keep going back too is the sack in the 2nd quarter, when a Bama defender had Kodi in his arms and just kept pushing Kodi straight back.  The hot route was open well before the defender was in Kodi’s face.  Just a young QB not knowing where his hot route was going to be, or just afraid to throw it across the middle.  Although this time it was open.  Another play was in the next series, Fannin was open in the left flats and Burns never looked at him.  Fannin might still be running if Kodi completes that pass.  Gary Danielson hit the nail on the head with Kodi, “He is very much a work in progress.”  I think that he could be good, and got screwed out of early game experience, but hindsight is always 20/20.  Off season battles should be settled before game day.  Hopefully Auburn learned that.  

Lester… what can I say man.  That fumble opened the flood gates.  We had no chance if we turned the ball over.  We turned the ball over, and consequently had no chance. 

Defensively, when you are trying to upset the number one team in the country and your biggest rival, you cannot give them extra plays.  We had chances in the first half to make huge plays that could have changed the course of the game.  Powers not making the sure pick six was huge.  But on the very first possession for Bama, the pass batted in the air could have been intercepted as well.  We just did not make the plays.  Another heart breaker was Bynes not making the sack on JPW.  I know he did not want to get a roughing penalty, but keep playing. 

Morgan Hull… good kick son, your first field goal was damn near perfect.  Too bad it did not count.  I hate that rule… I mean, I really hate that rule.  But like it or not Saban used the rule to his advantage and it cost us 3 points.  I would have liked to have the 3 points.  I will also give Hull props on kicking our very first touchback.  I cannot remember Byrum doing that all year.  Maybe we will have a true battle again on our hands for the 2009 kicking duties.    

Lastly, no one is more disappointed in the loss yesterday than Tuberville.  As you all know, I am a Tuberville supporter.  The man deserves another chance, and I hope that this blow out loss to Bama does not seal his fate.  In my opinion the only thing that can make this 7 loss season worse is to lose eight and the eighth to be Tuberville.  He is right for Auburn.  He did make some crazy ass statement after the loss that I found quite interesting.

Auburn was hurt when his hiring of Tony Franklin as the offensive coordinator failed. He said it would be unfair to blame his current assistants.  `”They'll take the hits for this. I'm the one who put them in this,'' Tuberville said.  He did say he would review his staff, however.

I think it is quite fair to blame the assistants.  Not naming names, but I would keep a grand total of one of them on the offensive side of the ball.  Maybe, one.  That one also is our special teams coach, and we were quite weak in that aspect as well.

Hopefully we can rebound from this and keep our recruits.  I cannot wait to see who Tuberville tries to bring in to be our new OC.  Keep it here folks, we will bring you any news we can dig up.

War Damn Eagle.