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Very Quiet on the Trustee Front

Per an article written by Evan Woodberry in the Press Register, not one Trustee is willing to take stance with Paul Spina.  If you remember Spina gave public support to Tuberville last week.  Basically saying that he judged on a "…body of work over the past 10 years."

Woodberry called every single Board of Trustee (BOT), and did not get any to give a vote of confidence. 

Byron Franklin said, "Right now we just want to support our football team and support their efforts."  He followed that up with, "We just want to see them push through these last three games and get a win."

Earlon McWhorter comments were, Auburn fans are not having a lot of fun right now," but said the decisions about Tuberville's future would come from (President) Gogue and (AD) Jacobs.

"We put a policy in place that clearly states that the president is in charge of athletics," McWhorter said. "It's my intention to support whatever the president and the athletic director bring to us. As much as you read in the papers about trustees being involved in this, that isn't the case."

With Franklin and McWhorter making statements like that, something smells fishy… or maybe it is jet fuel.  Those two were on the plane, if you remember.

The most telling statement made was this… "…we have the 6 Million, we just don’t want to spend the 6 Million." 

What in the world was that?  Who makes a statement like that? 

Our most prominent trustee Bobby Lowder, had the predictable, "No Comment" through an assistant.  What a wuss.  I just wish he could disappear from the Board.  He has done great things for Auburn but it is time he sat down a shut the hell up.

The rest of the BOT’s were not available for comment. 

On a personal note, does anyone else think that sometimes the best thing that can happen is for someone in power to speak up and show their cards?  Why all the secrecy?  If plans were not falling into place to fire Tuberville, don’t you think someone would at least say something positive?  I am a Tuberville supporter and you can tell that by my articles and comments, but things are getting ridiculous.  Why would he want to deal with this crap every damn season?  I know that I would not be able to deal with it.  But I guess that is why he is making the big bucks and I am just one pay grade above poverty.

Another thing, why do some fans think that with the firing of Bowden, Willingham, and now Fulmer somehow has some bearing on what Auburn does?  Those fans seem to think it is a done deal now, and Tommy is a goner.  If the BOT wants Tuberville out he is out.  But I think that the firings of those said coaches, actually helps Tommy stay.  There are too many quality programs looking for Head Coaches.  Just my thoughts let me know yours.

War Damn Eagle