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Skyhawk Shutdown.


Auburn vs. U. T. Martin is not even televised.


Auburn vs. U. T. Martin Live Thread


     War Eagle, everybody! Today, the Auburn Tigers host the U. T. Martin Skyhawks on Homecoming, and the only live TV available will be on the Jumbotron at Jordan Hare Stadium. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! For those who wish to see the game, and don't have a ticket, the game will be broadcast on CSS, Sunday afternoon at 5:00 PM Central time. I'll have to postpone my usual grades, till Sunday night.


    In the meantime, it will be an afternoon with the voices of Rod and Stan, for most of us, just like old times. When I was growing up, we were lucky if Auburn was on TV once or twice a year! We'll listen to our Tigers, and cheer them on, as usual! Feel free to chime in with opinions, cheers, angst, or whatever thoughts you have on the game, right here on the live thread!