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Details of Tuberville's Future Still Cloudy

Desperate Housewives has nothing on Auburn Athletics. Numerous sources confirmed late Monday afternoon that Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville and school president Jay Gogue did not meet during the day to discuss the future of the Auburn program.

Specifically, it was reported that Tuberville along with athletic director Jay Jacobs left around 5 p.m. and that Tuberville was headed to his son's football banquet. Apparently, under the cloak of darkness a meeting did take place between the three.

Around 7 p.m. the athletic department released this statement: ""President Gogue, Jay Jacobs and Coach Tuberville did meet Monday to have their annual end of the season meeting. Further conversations between Jay Jacobs and Coach Tuberville will take place in the following days to discuss Coach Tuberville's plan to make improvements for the program moving forward under his leadership."

I interpret this to mean that Tuberville will return next season. At least that's the way the last sentence reads - to me. If this is the case why not say it - in plain English? You could also take the statement to mean that a decision has not been made yet. If that's the case, why say anything at all?

If the University's intent was to quiet down the circus, they have failed miserably. Rumors will only intensify in the coming hours and days. Public Relations have never been an Auburn strong point and that tradition continues tonight.

We'll keep you posted as things develop...