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Top Five Offensive Coordinators?

There are way too many rumors and speculations about whether Tommy Tuberville will return for an eleventh season as the head man at Auburn.  I am confident that he will, so I would like to start the conversation about who should be on his short list for the Offensive Coordinator position.


There are some very good candidates out there, the answer to whether or not they would leave their current position, or comfort zone for the volatile SEC is another issue.  I came up with my top five.  Here they are.  They are open for discussion.  Please feel free to post.  


Dave Christensen is the Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach at Missouri.  He has been at Mizzou for 7 years now and with Gary Pinkle getting his long contract extension; it would appear that Christensen would not be the head coach there for a while.  He was the man who made Chase Daniel who he is today.  He is a great spread coach as well. Scratch him off… he became the Head Coach at Wyoming yesterday.


Andy Ludwig is the Offensive Coordinator at Utah.  He has been there for three years and to put it mildly, their offense is solid.  At Utah, he led them to the twelfth rated in total offense in 2005.  In 2005 they were also tenth in passing efficiency.  In 2007 Utah was the 2nd rated rushing team in the country.  His offenses can pass and also run, depending on where his playmakers are.  He might be looking for a BCS job again.  He was at Oregon from 2001-2004, and although he did not have an outstanding team, he was one of the guys Mike Bellotti (Head Coach) believes helped develop the spread at Oregon.   He is my number one choice, now that Christensen is off the table.


Bryan Harsin is the OC and QB Coach at Boise State and has been at that position for three years and we all know what these guys can do.  I know that they are not playing against SEC teams, but you have to start someplace.  He was a QB at Boise, leaving your Alma Mater would be hard, but again, you have to start someplace, and he is not the Assistant Head Coach, Brent Peace is.  His first season as OC the Broncos were undefeated, and were second in the country in scoring offense, sixth in rushing offense and passing efficiency, and 10th in total offense. Boise State also finished first in the WAC in rushing, second in scoring offense and passing efficiency, third in total offense, and fourth in passing offense.  In 2007, his second season as the Broncos’ offensive coordinator, Boise State finished fourth in the nation in scoring and sixth nationally in passing efficiency. The Broncos were also second in the WAC in scoring and passing efficiency and third in rushing, total offense and passing.  He is only 32 years old, and could be a great choice. 


Danny Langsdorf is the OC and QB Coach at

Oregon St
.  He has been there for 6 years but only four at his current position.  He is a key part of Mike Riley’s staff.  Danny was WR coach with the New Orleans Saints before coming to the Beavers.  Before his stint with New Orleans he was the OC for Edmonton Eskimos in 2001.  They led the CFL in total yards that season.  He is a masterful recruiter, and has been the main man during this 2008 season where the Beavers finished second in the PAC-10.  He has also been a Quarterback coach and Tight End coach. 


Gus Malzahn is in his second year on the coaching staff at Tulsa. He serves as assistant head coach and co-offensive coordinator, as well as quarterbacks coach. Under his direction, the Tulsa offense ranked as the nation's top offense in 2007, gaining 543.9 yards per game. The Hurricane also led Conference USA in passing, scoring, TD passes and passing efficiency, while ranking third nationally for passing, fifth for pass efficiency and 10th for scoring offense.  For those who don’t remember, Malzahn spent the 2006 season as offensive coordinator and receivers coach at the Arkansas.  He did have some issues with Houston Nutt, and that pretty much got him canned.  Tuberville will not put up with his crap, but many folks think that Malzahn is a great choice.  I am not so sure, but he is in the top five because of what he has done in Tulsa.

I know what you are thinking… most of these guys are West Coast coaches.  And I left one major name off the list.  I personally believe that Chuck Long is staying where he is or taking a head coaching position.  You would be correct in that, but why not come to the SEC and see if you can make a name for yourself, and move up the coaching ranks.  Boise State, Tulsa and Utah are great teams, but in my opinion you have to show that you can win with the big boys to become a Head Coach.  Urban did it, but he went from a Utah Head Coach to Florida.  Not from an OC position to a head man.


Let me know your thoughts…