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Hurt, Sickened, Angry, and Ashamed

Is it just me or does Jay Jacobs seem in so far over his head that he does not know which way is up?  Could he botch things worse than he already has?  I guess the answer to the second question is… yes he can.  He has not hired a coach to replace Tuberville yet. 


After hearing that Tommy Tuberville would not return to Auburn, the only words I can use to explain my feelings are: hurt, sickened, angry and ashamed.  I am not sure it is because of Tuberville's coaching, as much as what he has done for the program… a program that has done nothing but drag him through the mud.  Granted that program paid him huge money, and that will make him live up to a standard.  It seems to me that Jacobs is the one that did the dragging.  What makes Jacobs qualified to do anything?  Name me one thing that he has done that is good for Auburn.  I guess you can say that he had a role in getting our new Basketball Arena built.  That is a positive.  He was the head man of Tigers Unlimited.  I am sure we all would like to think him for the increase in dues every damn year, and moving us into the Grey, Orange, and Blue seating.  All that did was give me the proverbial finger for my years of loyalty, by making my donation go up to keep my current seats.


What did Jacobs have against Tommy?  Was it the fact that Tuberville was more well liked them him?  Better respected around the league and country?  Was it that Tommy did not put up with Lowder and the other Board of Trustees crap?  I think it is all of the above.  Tuberville would make a great AD, I have said it before, but there is no way that the BOT will get rid of the “yes man” they have in Jay Jacobs.  Did Auburn not just get investigated and barely stay out of trouble for the BOT being too involved in the daily operations of the University?  It seems like we never learn. 


I have liked some of the things that Jay Gouge has done.  I think that he is an Auburn Man a heart.  Why he allows Jay Jacobs to stay at Auburn, and continue to turn our Athletic Dept into the laughing stock is beyond me.  Where is the face of Jacobs?  When has he ever put himself out there on anything?  If he was not on the letter I get every year from the Athletic Dept and the Tiger Roar Magazine, I would not know what he looked like.  Auburn let Muschamp go, because Jacobs could not get his contract straight.  We dealt with the Tuberville saga at the end of every damn season, he seems to have a man crush on Bobby Petrino (who in my opinion is a slim ball), and lastly I think he will make a flashy hire this time around that will fail.  The flashy hire just might be Mike Leach.  Whether or not Leach is the right guy, I do not know, but he is the flashy hire and the alumni will not be pleased.  I am angry that Auburn cannot do anything about the ineptitude of our Athletic Director. 


I am ashamed at what Auburn has become athletically.  I am tired of having to answer questions about what our BOT and AD are thinking.  As a fan, I have no idea what they are thinking, but I have my opinions.  I think that Auburn fired the wrong guy.  Jacobs should have been the one to go.  Tuberville was a true Auburn man that apparently lost his will to deal with Lowder and Jacbos crap.  I feel sorry for him.  Jacobs should feel sorry for us as the fans.  We are the ones that are having to attempt to explain his failures.  Again, I just do not get it.


Lastly, I think that out of the coaches that are out there and available, Muschamp is the best choice.  He is not my favorite candidate, but he is the best choice, and has the ability to come to Auburn.  It is too bad, that again… Jay Jacobs will more than likely keep a good coach from being at Auburn. 


Sorry for being so downtrodden… I am still coming to grips with all of this.  Please comment, and let us know your thoughts.


As always, War Damn Eagle