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Jacobs Claims Tuberville Resigned

Auburn AD Jay Jacobs on Tuberville, coaching search

Here's a portion of today's press conference with Jay Jacobs regarding the Tuberville resignation, courtesy of Watch the whole thing, but beginning around 6:30 into it, Jacobs spins this elaborate tale about how Tuberville resigned and was not fired. Do they honestly expect anyone to believe that load of crap? It's bad enough that we shove the man out the door after one bad season, but they have to buy $6,000,000 worth of political cover so they don't look like a bunch of asses yet again? In addition to wanting Jacob's head, I want Gogue's if he approved this shamble of a charade.

After viewing this presser earlier, I decided it was a good time to go ahead and sent President Gogue an email. Witness:

Dr. Gogue:

This whole firing debacle is a disgrace for our university and brings shame to me and all other members of the Auburn family. What is even worse than that is the spin that is now being played out in the media by AD Jacobs to convince the public that this was a resignation. Although few believe this ruse, I believe that one more resignation should be accompanying Tuberville's, and that is Jacobs'.

Although athletics is just a small part of what a university offers, it's easily the most recognizable and scrutinized part. That's why you pay the football coach millions of dollars a year. And since you now freely pay five millions dollars plus for Tuberville to leave, I cannot in good conscience donate any more money to a school that is so reckless in it's finances, even if it is the athletic department. I would say that most of my peers feel the same way, too.

For the school to reward Tuberville's loyalty and accomplishments to our school with a second coup within 5 years has tarnished us with another black eye and earned us additional public scorn. You, being an Auburn alumnus, should be especially keen to this situation. It is an event like this that makes me want to take my diploma off my office wall and hide it in a drawer somewhere.


Greg Goodwin, '90
Atlanta, GA

So if any of you would also like to send your sentiments to Dr. Gogue, now might be a good time: