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I know that I am not the only person to think this, but how stupid does Jay Jacobs and Jay Gogue think we are?  If Auburn’s Athletic Department has so much money that they can pay Tuberville $5.1 Million just because it is the right thing to do, they do not need another dime of my money.


I have not done the math, but I have been a season ticket holder for almost 10 years.  My family has been for roughly 20 years.  Tigers Unlimited was formed during my family’s tenure as ticket holders and has increased their dues almost every other season, and ticket prices have skyrocketed as of late.  Why do they need my hard earned dollar, every damn year?  They apparently have a room full of cash.  Enough to pay someone a buyout solely because it is the right thing to do…  I guess.  While my friends are being laid off and homes in my neighborhood are being foreclosed on because the economy is so poor, Auburn figures it will be fine.  Something tells me that season ticket sales will be down this year. 


Everyone here knows that I am a loyal Tuberville supporter.  Although I did not always like him as a coach (especially his first two years), he very quickly showed me that he was Auburn Man.  He has done great things for Auburn as a town, a school, and as a program.  But I am not even for one second thinking that he is innocent in all these shenanigans.  You know that this buyout is hush money.    


I am all for the rules that my church and my family taught me, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”  But damn… Jacobs must think that we are idiots.  No one, and I repeat no one, would pay someone $5.1 Million to be an ambassador to a university.  I think that it is great that Gogue and Tuberville have enough respect for each other to have some sort of employment worked out for Tuberville.  (It should be as AD in my opinion, but that is another article all together)  Every one sees through this sham.  It is in Tommy’s contract that if he resigns he gets nothing.  I am not saying that he deserves nothing.  Give him a normal wage to do a normal consulting job.  Fine, I have no issue with that, in fact I think that it is quite noble.  Jacobs also saying that Auburn would not have asked for the $6 Million, if another school wanted him…  You must be kidding.  If Jacobs is telling the truth (as he said is one of the rules he lives by), then he needs to be fired NOW.  Not later.  Auburn Athletics is a business, first and for most.  It is not about the student athletes anymore.  It is just the main from of income for the university.  There is no possible way that Jay Jacobs should be the head of our biggest money maker.   


Why does Auburn have to be the laughing stock of the NCAA again?  It seems that whenever a coaching position is opened up around the country, “Jetgate” gets brought into the piece, no matter is Tuberville, Petrino, or Auburn is even involved in the position in discussion.  It is a black cloud that hangs over Auburn’s Program.   Now we get this crap.  Please lord, let something good come out of this.  By good, let’s hope that someone opens their eye to the fact that John Jay Jacobs is not qualified to run an Athletic Department.  Get someone in the positions of power at Auburn that are not “yes men.”  I am so tired of Lowder being Auburn, I can hardly stand to read news stories about us.  It is a shame that Auburn Alumni and Fans have to put up with this kind of junk. 


War Damn Eagle