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Jacobs Talks About The Future Of Auburn Athletics

Jay Jacobs talks facilities and the performance of Jeff Lebo.

By Jay Coulter

There was an excellent interview with Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs in Monday’s Decatur Daily. Jacobs talks about everything from the new basketball arena to the status of basketball coach Jeff Lebo.

From all appearances, it looks as if the new arena is going to be some show place. Some of the highlights include student seating that stretches almost entirely around the arena (NCAA rules prohibit students from sitting behind the visitor’s bench). Students will also have their own separate entrance and concession area. Very cool.

Jacobs also said that the popular Lovelace Museum that houses so much Auburn memorabilia will be moved to the new arena from the athletic complex. "(The museum) will be the focal point of our new arena when you walk into the front doors."

Speaking about Lebo, Jacobs said he was pleased with the way he’s handled the team this year.

"He’s training boys to become men, said Jacobs. "He’s making some hard decisions to teach that lesson, some of which don’t put you in the best competitive advantage each Wednesday night and each Saturday," Jacobs said. "But at the end of the day, we’ll all be proud of the young men who finished their career playing under Jeff Lebo."

I couldn't agree more with Jacobs. Lebo has had little control over what's happened this season. He gets as much out of his talent as any coach in the conference.

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