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What are your most memorable Auburn games?

Was the 1994 Auburn-Florida game the best ever?

By Jay Coulter

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Sorry for the sporadic posts the last few days.  Things have been busy at home and work. I know. It’s no excuse. Please accept my apologies.

The following questions were posed in the comment section on Friday and a lot of people have weighted in. The answers have brought back a lot of good memories - some that I had forgotten. I thought I would move it to the front page and let more of you weight in.

Here are my answers...

Best game ever seen in person...

That’s an easy one for me. It was the 1984 Auburn-Florida State game in Tallahassee. It was the weirdest, most exciting game I’ve ever witnessed. Auburn came into the game ranked 16th and was a sizable underdog to the ninth-ranked Seminoles.

Pat Dye was nearly thrown out of the game for protesting a bad call. Auburn pulled it out in the end 42-41. I can still hear Jim Fyffe screaming, "Fullwood dives for the pylon, he’s in! He’s in."

It still gives me chill bumps today.
Best game I’ve ever seen period...

My vote would be for the 1994 Auburn-Florida game in Gainesville. Auburn was riding a 17 game winning streak. I turned down a ticket because I believed playing the top-ranked team in the country on the road was a death wish.

Instead, I went to my college roommates place in South Carolina and had one of the best Saturday’s of my life watching it on television. It was one of the most improbable wins in Auburn history.

Damnedest Finish of an Auburn game...

I know a lot of you have already said it, but has there ever been a better finish than the 1994 Auburn-LSU game? Curley Hallman called perhaps the worst fourth quarter in NCAA history.

That man was going to throw the ball no matter what.  Chris Shelling was a man-child that day. Four Auburn interceptions lead to a 30-26 win for the orange and blue Tigers.

Runner-up: 1997 Auburn-Alabama game.

Best game that was a loss or tie...

I have to say the 1990 Auburn-Tennessee game. Auburn came into the game ranked third nationally, while the Volunteers came in ranked fifth.

A heralded freshman named Stan White played lights out and led Auburn back from the dead. The final score was 26-26. It felt more like a win than a tie.

How about your favorites?