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Be Glad I’m not Antonio Coleman... You’d be looking for a new Defensive End

By Jay Coulter

Coleman: One brave dude.
There was good news out of Auburn on Tuesday. Defensive end Antonio Coleman, who suffered a cervical sprain during Saturday’s practice, should return to the field before the end of the month.

I was at this weekend’s practice and it was one of the scarier moments I’ve ever witnessed.

You have to admire Coleman.

If I had lost feeling in my lower body, there wouldn’t be any return at the end of the month. My white ass would be announcing my retirement – effective immediately. That’s flat out scary stuff.

From here forward I would be known as former Auburn player and All-SEC Freshman Antonio Coleman. I guess that’s why he’s playing in Jordan-Hare now and I’m not. It’s good to hear he’s going to be OK and will be ready for the fall.  

I would never have guessed it on Saturday morning.

Lost in the Coleman injury was the play of freshman quarterback DeRon Furr. This guy looks like a star in the making. He looked a step faster than Kodi Burns running the ball and certainly has the moves.

Whether he can throw or not still remains to be seen. Realistically, he has no shot at the starting quarterback job this year. But keep an eye on him. With his athletic ability, the coaches are going to have to find a way to get him on the field.

And for the record, yes, he did whip senior linebacker Merrill Johnson during the sideline brawl. It was brief, but everyone except the East German judge would have given the decision to Furr.

Chris Todd appears to have gotten good news from doctors this week. They say his issues with putting zip on the ball are a result of him throwing too many passes two soon following last year’s shoulder injury.

Count me among those who are skeptical that Todd will be able to handle a full SEC schedule.  When a player says he’s in no pain, but can’t put zip on the ball, that throws up a red flag in my book.

Then again, I’m no James Andrews, so what do I know? It just doesn’t sound good to the ears of a Mass Communication graduate.

The collar around baseball coach Tom Slater has to be getting a little tighter. In case you missed it, the Tigers were swept four straight by #11 Florida State in a weekend home and home series.

Most distressing was the poor fundamentals shown by the team. The base running and fielding were horrendous at times. They face Davidson tonight and tomorrow, before welcoming VMI this weekend.