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Auburn Freshman Murdered Near Campus

By Jay Coulter

The Auburn family is in mourning tonight after the murder of 18 year-old Auburn student Lauren Burk. The story will make you absolutely sick to your stomach.

Burk was found shot near campus on Tuesday night.  She was quickly transported to East Alabama Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. A few minute later, her car was found on campus in flames.

At this time, police have no leads in the murder. Burk was in her first year at Auburn and graduated from Walton High School in Marietta, Ga.

Police are warning students and residents to be careful on and around campus.

These are the sort of things that don’t happen at Auburn. To say the Auburn community is in shock is an understatement. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Burk family.

Take extra precaution if you live near campus and be safe.