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Can Somebody Get Alabama A Spell Check?

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By Jay Coulter

What would we do without Alabama?  Just when we think the cast of That 70’s Show couldn’t possibly look more stupid, they go and top themselves.

As you may or probably don’t know (or care), Alabama honors its captains each year by putting their names and hand prints in cement at Denny Chimes in Tuscaloosa.

Now I know what you are thinking. Being named captain of a team that lost to Louisiana-Monroe is akin to being asked to be Ron Paul’s running mate – nobody cares and it’s kind of embarrassing.

But it gets better.

Center Antoine Caldwell was elected a 2007 captain and was honored during a ceremony on Wednesday. There was just one problem with the glorious day that Bear created for all – they spelled Antoine’s name wrong. A-T-N-O-I-N-E was how it was written in concrete for all eternity.  

The hits just keep on coming for this band of clowns.  It reminds me of that old Snickers ad where the guy paints the end-zone in Kansas City with the word "Chefs" instead of "Chiefs."

Sometimes reality is better than television.

I’ve said it here before: Bear Bryant’s run in the 1960’s and 70’s was worth it in every way. Because for the last 25 years, we’ve had the pleasure of watching "his boys" run this program into the ground – over and over again. They continue to invent ways to make the school a laughing stock.

And Auburn fans just keep smiling and laughing.

I was eating at a Shula’s Steak House in Chicago last week and was admiring all the pictures on the wall. There were a few of Mike Shula hanging around the bar area. I just smiled to myself. They brought back such pleasant memories.

I do believe it was the best steak I’ve ever tasted in my life.