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Help the Victims and Make Auburn A Winner

The guys at and Every Day Should Be have come up with a cool idea to help victims of the numerous tragedies around the country – the tornadoes in the Midwest, the storms in the Southeast and the wildfires in Florida and California.

They are holding a contest called The Charity Bowl. Basically, they rank the top 10 schools who give the most money to the American Red Cross. The winning school (announced on Thursday) will be given huge recognition on both web sites – complete with school colors and mascots.

Auburn is currently in third place (tied with Alabama). Rumor has it that Nick Saban is asking this year's recruiting class to give 10% of its signing bonus to the Red Cross.

War Eagle Atlanta gave big this morning and I’m following suit tonight. If you have a little extra and want to help some deserving people out while bringing a little recognition to Auburn, then I encourage you to do so. It always feels good to help others.

Click here to get details on the contest...