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Nostalgia Friday: 1957 National Champions

By Jay Coulter

Today’s Nostalgia Friday salutes the 1957 National Championship team. In Shug Jordan’s seventh season, he led Auburn to a perfect 10-0 season. How dominant was this team? They gave up only 28 points all year.

Stop and think about that for a second. It’s simply amazing. In victories over Tennessee, Florida, Georgia and Alabama, the Tigers beat their SEC opponents by a combined score of 66-0.

Auburn quarterback Lloyd Nix threw for 542 yards – all season. Wide receiver Jimmy Phillips accounted for 357 of those yards. Tommy Lorino carried much of the load on the ground running for nearly 500 yards.

As most know, Auburn was on probation in 1957 and ineligible for a bowl game appearance.

This clip looks at Auburn's win over Alabama in the season finale. I'm having YouTube problems today, so I'm including the link instead of posting here...

Click here to watch...