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Bo is Still Tops

By Jay Coulter

It’s hard to believe that most teenagers have no recollection of Bo Jackson’s playing career. Time does move fast.

Gone are the days where Bo could show up on campus and cause high school All-Americans to wet themselves at the mere sight of the great one. He was a tremendous recruiting tool for Auburn.

It seems like only yesterday that Jackson was the most popular athlete on the planet – bigger than even Michael Jordan. He was the first Nike superstar.

Last week, The Love of ranked the top 15 human highlight films of all-time. The list included athletes from football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer.

Who came in at number one? Bo Jackson. It’s hard to argue the point. Bo was an absolute freak of nature and apparently the writers agree. Rounding out the top five were Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, Mike Tyson and Vince Carter.

It’s good to see Bo still getting his just recognition after all these years. Below is the video that accompanied the article along with the link to the story.

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