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Tuberville Meets With Bush At White House


By Jay Coulter

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville arrived in Washington D.C. today after spending the last week visiting troops in the Middle East. After flying for 16 hours, Tuberville landed at Andrews Air Force Base and was invited to a meeting at the White House in the Oval Office with President Bush.

Along with Georgia's Mark Richt, Notre Dame's Charlie Weis, Randy Shannon of Miami and Yale coach Jack Sidelecki, Tuberville traveled extensively through the region visiting with Armed Forces personnel.

The highlight of the trip was a flag football game between the troops this weekend that was coached by the famous visitors. Tuberville and Richt teamed up to lead their unit to a 14-12 win over Shannon and Sidelecki. Weis served as the referee.

As expected, Tuberville coached defense and Richt handled offensive duties. ESPN's Ivan Maisel traveled with the coaches and files this awesome diary of the weeklong trip.

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