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Nostalgia Friday: 1989 Alabama at Auburn

By Jay Coulter

December 2, 1989. Auburn has played many big games over the course of its 100+ years in existence, but none have been more important than the contest that took place on that cool December day.

Alabama said it would never happen. Pat Dye was determined that it would. It did. The stakes could not have been higher. Alabama was ranked second nationally and playing for a shot at the national championship. An Auburn win meant a share of the SEC Championship; it's fourth of the decade.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a junior at Auburn and doing a live radio broadcast for WEGL on top of an RV. Tiger Walk was unlike anything I'd even seen before or since. The look on the players and fans eyes as the team made its way to the stadium, you just new Auburn was going to win. I honestly don't believe the Soviet Union could have kept Auburn out of the end zone on that day.

Auburn prevailed and a permanent shift of football power took place in the state that still stands today.  This footage should be required viewing for every Auburn fan not old enough to remember. Enjoy...