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A Little Golf Talk On Monday Morning

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Be sure to get your butt on the couch by noon today.

By Jay Coulter

Good Monday morning to you. Father's Day is now behind us and that means there's only 77 days until kickoff of the 2008 Auburn football season.

Can we talk golf for a minute? I'm sure most of you watched parts of the U.S. Open this weekend. Is Tiger Woods the greatest athlete of our times? Has there ever been a better performance by an athlete on a national stage? How many times did your jaw drop watching Tiger sink shot after crucial shot?

If you don't have today off, I suggest taking a half-day and going to the house around noon and settling in for the playoff between Woods and Rocco Mediate.  The legend continues to grow. Who knows what the afternoon will bring.

If you were around the television at all over the weekend, you couldn't miss the coverage of the death of NBC's Tim Russert. Outside of Auburn athletics, politics is my second love. Russert was the consummate professional. There has never been a better interviewer in the political game than him. He was simply the best.  He will be greatly missed this fall.

I came across a good story from Thursday's Seattle Times that looks at former Auburn receivers Ben Obomanu and Courtney Taylor. Believe it or not, it looks as if both might be starting when the Seahawks kick their season off in September. Can you imagine what kind of offense Tony Franklin would have this year with those two still wearing orange and blue?

There's more good news for Alabama. Last week their mascot, Big Al was named one of the top five wimpiest mascots in America by the website, College On The Record . The Oregon Duck took top honors. Kenny Stabler was not among the top 10.

Tommy Tuberville told Birmingham News writer Charles Goldberg over the weekend that he'd made a philosophical change in how he plays freshmen. As most of you know, until last year, Tuberville only played freshmen when forced to because of injury or depth issues. 

Things have changed now after the success of the freshman class last year.

"We've always been a big redshirt team, and I've always been one of those that thought, `Hey, let's fight through it with the guys we have so we could hold these young guys an extra year,'" said Tuberville. "But the better you get at recruiting, the less chance you're going to be able to keep the freshmen four or five years before they turn pro,'' he continues. "These kids are going to come out. With the way our recruiting has gotten, we want to get them on the field and get them in games. If you lose them before their senior year, you've lost that redshirt year, anyway.'"

In a radical move for the Tigers, Auburn played 15 true freshmen and 14 redshirt freshmen last year. This change of heart has to help on the recruiting trail.

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