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Who's the Face of Auburn's Program?


By Jay Coulter is doing a series on its web site called, Faces of the Program. The articles spotlight some of the biggest names at college programs around the country. It offers readers a choice of four or five people who they believe are the "face of the program" for each school.

ESPN then asks readers to vote on their favorite. For Auburn, the editors chose Bo Jackson. The candidates are Jackson, Pat Sullivan, Shug Jordan, Tiger Walk and War Eagle.

I was torn by who to vote for on my ballot. Ultimately I went with Bo. But I wrestled with voting for Shug Jordan. I believe there's little question that Bo is still the face of the Auburn football program, even though he's been gone more than 20 years. You mention Auburn football to most people and they immediately think Bo Jackson.

The series only looks at football. If it looked at all sports, you'd have to throw Charles Barkley in the mix. I believe Barkley is more the face of Auburn than Bo or anyone else. That's funny coming from a football school.

Barkley is so big now in sports entertainment and is such a huge ambassador for Auburn that I believe most people nationally equates Barkley with Auburn - even more so than Bo or Shug. Make sure you click on the link and vote.

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