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Condolences to "A Damn Good Dawg"

Uga VI was 87-27 while walking the Bulldog sidelines.

By Jay Coulter

We send condolences to the Bulldog Nation this morning over the loss of Uga VI, the Georgia mascot who served so proudly for the past nine years. Uga passed away on Friday from heart failure. There's been times during the fall that I've wanted to put my hobnail boot in his ass, but let's not forget that he's one of the things that makes college football great. The sight of that English bulldog let you know that it was time for SEC football.

Uga will be buried today in a private ceremony at Sanford Stadium. Perhaps Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans put it best when he said, "Uga VI was a damn good mascot and a damn good dog." That he was.

There are a couple of significant changes taking place in the world of Auburn blogging this week. When you think about sports blogging, there are really two kinds: those covered by newspaper beat writers and those written by fans.

Two of the best newspaper-sponsored Auburn blogs are leaving us. Phillip Marshall of The Huntsville Times is leaving the paper after a nearly 40 year newspaper career. In addition to writing for the paper, he put together one of the best football blogs in the country. I can still remember being a young college newspaper writer in the 1980's and watching Marshall spar with Coach Dye over a story. There were times when I thought Dye was going to come out of his chair and kill Phillip. It was great stuff.

Marshall is going to work for ESPN and launching a new site called, Auburn Undercover.  It will be similar to the and sites that exist now. In the beginning it will be free, but will later switch to a pay site. The new site launches tomorrow.

Christa Turner of The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer is also leaving her blog, TurnerLoose.  She has accepted a new position with The Anniston Star.  For my money, she's among the best in the business when it comes to covering Auburn sports. The Columbus, Georgia paper has gone through some pretty significant changes in recent months, so I was not surprised to see her go.

She will be missed.  Let's hope the Anniston paper finds a way to let her continue her Auburn coverage.