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Auburn Athletics Moves To XM Radio

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By Jay Coulter

This is turning out to be media week at Track'em Tigers. On Monday we talked blogs and on Tuesday we looked at television. Why not talk about radio today?

Yesterday the University announced that Auburn is switching satellite providers.  Beginning this football season, the Tigers will now be heard on XM Radio.

For the past few years, Auburn has been a fixture on Sirius Satellite Radio.  It appeared that Auburn would remain there for at least two more years despite the move of eight other SEC members last year to XM.

Auburn joins Alabama, Florida and Vanderbilt who also jumped ship to XM on Tuesday. The satellite provider now holds the contract for the entire conference.  This is huge for Auburn listeners. XM will carry all 12 of Auburn's regular season football games in addition to most of the men's basketball games and selected baseball and women's basketball.

The best thing about the move is that all SEC members will be in one place.  Of course, if you are a Sirius subscriber this is not necessarily good.  But it might not be all that bad either.  The two satellite providers have plans to merge later this year and are getting past the final hurdles now in Washington D.C.

So even if you subscribe to Sirius you're probably going to be OK.  The only downside is that it's looking doubtful the merger will happen before the start of football season.  XM has also added the Tim Brando show back to its lineup airing daily from 11:00-noon CT. Brando is one of the few national talk show hosts who focuses on college athletics, especially college football.  Check out his show if you have XM.  It's excellent.

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Today will be the final blog post of the week.  I'm taking a little vacation time during the Fourth of July weekend.  I hope all of you have a long, enjoyable weekend.  Let's not forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy this wonderful country of ours.  Have a great week and I'll see you on Monday.