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Enthusiasm Is Not A Problem On The Plains

By Jay Coulter

Honk if you've had your ass kicked by Lee Ziemba. If you haven't heard, there was another throw down at practice on Tuesday. This time it involved offensive lineman Ryan Pugh and defensive end Antonio Coleman with an assist by Ziemba. Those at practice said it was a good one. It started during one-on-one blocking drills. Pugh and Coleman began mouthing off at each other and it escalated from there.

According to Evan Woodbery of The Mobile Register, "the fight spilled over into the area where the offensive line was gathered. Then the scrum was really going. An ice and water cooler was overturned and Coleman and Pugh tumbled to the ground. With coaches yelling to break it up, a helmet-less Lee Ziemba dashed in to join the fray. He was eventually pushed back by an angry manager. Defensive ends coach Terry Price was livid. Tommy Tuberville had arrived by this time, and he yelled at both sides to quit beating up on teammates."

You'll remember that Ziemba and Coleman tied up during a spring scrimmage that resulted in Coleman being carried off in an ambulance and suffering a cervical sprain. Apparently, there's still some bad blood there. This is the second fight this week that Ziemba has been a part of. A few days ago he tied up with defensive end Antoine Carter.

Say what you will; this is good stuff. This offensive line is plain nasty.  I love the enthusiasm. It's hot, humid and miserable on the practice field. Tempers are flaring and believe it or not this will bring all the players closer - if they don't kill each other first.

Even Tuberville seemed to enjoy it. When asked about it he said, "I hope they are foul everyday. I hope they're in a foul mood. That's what football's about. They're not going to hurt anybody."

Now you know what comes today.  All of the rednecks across Alabama who couldn't find Tuscaloosa with a GPS and two road maps will be calling Finebaum and the other shows talking about the problems at Auburn. Please.

It's funny to me that they're more concerned about the fights at Auburn than the fact their former linebacker was selling crack cocaine out of the back of his car at the Bama athletic complex.

As expected, Auburn's opener with Louisiana-Monroe will be available on pay-per-view. Here are the details from Auburn Sports Information...

The 2008 Auburn football season opener on Aug. 30 against Louisiana-Monroe will be offered on pay-per-view. Kickoff is slated for 6 p.m. (CT) at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Pay-per-view will be available in the states of Alabama and Louisiana to cable subscribers and small dish owners who subscribe to DirecTV or Dish Network.

Fans should contact their local cable provider or small dish provider to order the game.

Other home dish owners should contact 1-800-TV-STARS to order the game. Commercial establishments should contact their local cable company or dial 1-800-TV-STARS for feed information.

Finally, if you haven't had a chance to download the Auburn Podcast hosted by Tiger play-by-play man Rod Bramblett then you need to click here.  It's a really good show. It's recorded each Monday and Friday and includes interviews with Coach Tuberville, the coordinators and the players. You can listen to the broadcast on your computer, Ipod or mp3 player.