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I want to put a plug in for a cool website that's gone live today. is unique in that it's the only website to my knowledge dedicated to covering all the college and high school football teams in the state of Alabama.

Along with feature stories and game coverage, the site also includes video highlights of action from around the state.  This kind of website is long overdue in Alabama.

"We are very excited to get launched and out to football fans," said managing editor David Wasson. "This site will offer everything a football fan could want. Football fans built the site, football fans will maintain it and football fans statewide are sure to enjoy it."

The site is a daily multimedia sibling of the successful debut of Alabama Football Magazine, which hit bookstores and newsstands throughout the state earlier in August.

David has promised to give Auburn plenty of coverage and he's even linked Track'em Tigers prominently on his site. Make sure you check it out and bookmark it so that you can visit daily.