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Coaches We Love To Hate

What is there not to like about Saint Nick?

By Jay Coulter

Last week we talked about the football programs we hate the most.  One of our readers pointed out that often the reason we hate a program is not because of the school, but because of the coach. That's exactly right. A coach has a way of passing his personality on to his team.

So who are the most hated coaches in America? It's a tough question. Often times the most hated coaches are the most successful ones. But not always. Below is a list of the ten coaches I hate the most.

Who tops your list? We'd love to hear your thoughts.  Share them with us in the comment section at the bottom.  Here goes...

  1. Bobby Petrino (Arkansas) - Is there a bigger scumbag in any level of coaching than the weasel from Montana? Not only did he quit on his former team, but he treated grown men like children. And let's not forget what he did to Tommy Tuberville. The guy has no integrity or loyalty.
  2. Nick Saban (Alabama) - If you could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what Alabama fans think he's worth, we could all retire to Aruba.
  3. Les Miles (LSU) - He could be the most inept coach to ever win a national title. His play calling skills are the worst and his personality makes me immediately turn the channel.
  4. Bobby Bowden (Florida State) - Call him Saint Bobby if you wish; but I don't see it. He's been turning criminals into football players for longer than most of us have been alive. Plus he's the father of Terry. Enough said.
  5. Steve Spurrier (South Carolina) - It's true he's more likeable as a loser, but it's hard to forget his arrogance at Florida.
  6. Mack Brown (Texas) - After stealing two of our defensive coordinators, how can we not hate him? I hope that Will guy tanks.
  7. Urban Meyer (Florida) - While not as bad as Spurrier, Meyer still exudes that "I'm a little better than you" attitude. Beating him two years in a row sure felt good.
  8. Bob Stoops (Oklahoma) - Has any coach failed in big games more than Stoops? This may be the most overrated program in the country.
  9. Tommy Bowden (Clemson) - See above. He's guilty by association. I don't care that he coached at Auburn. He's still related to them.
  10. Mark Richt (Georgia) - It was just a matter of time before his alma mater (Miami) seeped back into his personality. The new Richt showed his true colors against Florida last year. Now he's following his mentor, Bowden, by recruiting criminals to Athens.