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Give Us One More Last Chance...

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We promise that we're really, really back this time!


Mal Moore must have some poker buddies in the publishing world who's clock he's cleaned good here lately. How else can you explain the onslaught of Bammer magazine covers? First, my beloved Forbes two weeks ago, with Nick Saban as the cover story, (thanks, Steve) but that was just an article on the business end of CFB and how much power Saban wields in T-town. But now yet another SI issue putting the world on notice again? Who do these guys think they are, Lexus?

Don't we remember what happened the last time the Gumps got this kind of exposure (ON the field...)? In 2005, they had just dispatched Florida at home on the way to a 9-0 record before blowing chunks to LSU at home and running into a wood chipper at Auburn (Hey Brodie! Honk! Honk!). Now I don't want to say that Bama fans are superstitious, but I think one or two of them might be worried about that fabled SI Curse, hence a less exuberant tone in Bammer Blogdom this go around.

See? This is the kind of unintended consequences I predicted by rooting for the Tide to represent the SEC well against the ACC with the Tiger Paws. I knew that if they managed to pull it out, it might give them hope again, and like a certain politician, might start to believe their own press. Alabama must first prove that they can play a whole season under Saban. They played a great game, and they deserve some praise, but let's wait a minute before we yank that million-dollar bandwagon out of the barn again. General Douglas MacArthur actually DID come back and didn't get this kind of media hoopla...

At least SI saw fit not to put Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson on the cover. Like his fellow long-haired predecessor Brodie, he's more suitable for People, US, or Tiger Beat (pun intended). So congrats to the Bammers for a great game, but you guys might better cross your fingers, knock on wood, and sacrifice a chicken to be on the safe side...