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CBS Passes on Auburn-LSU Game


CBS Sports has done it again. Despite Tennessee's opening weekend loss to UCLA, the network has chosen to go with the Volunteers and Florida for its telecast on September 20th. Auburn and LSU are again stuck with the tag of runner-up and will be carried by ESPN at 6:45 pm. CT.

In the name of Verne Lundquist, what in the hell are they thinking?

The network is saying they don't have an interest in broadcasting a matchup of two top 10 teams. Instead, they've chosen to broadcast a school that's not even in this week's top 25. And we feel snubbed sometimes by ESPN College GameDay? That doesn't come close to the slap across the face CBS just gave us. And we're stuck with them for the next 15 years.

I hope University officials remember this when CBS asks to do a doubleheader starting at noon with Auburn or tries to move the Iron Bowl to Thanksgiving Day. What a shame that perhaps the marquee game of the year in the SEC will not be televised by our "new" media partner.

One of the more memorable moments of last season was during the Miss State game when quarterback Brandon Cox, benched after a bad start, made his way over to his replacement, Kodi Burns on the sidelines. He quickly offered encouragement to the freshman and even pointed out some things to be aware of with the Bulldog defense.

It was one of the greatest acts of sportsmanship I've ever seen. A kid in his twenties was teaching all of us a life lesson.

Fast forward a year and we saw the same thing out of Burns on Monday. A day after Chris Todd was named Auburn's starting quarterback; Burns was saying all the right things. After all, he's been down this road before.

"Things happen, and I've just got to make the most of it," said Burns. "Chris is a good quarterback, and (Tony) Franklin made the decision that he needed to make and what he thought was best for the team. I'm just going to stay positive and when my time comes, when my name gets called, hopefully people will get to see what I can really do.

"(Tuberville) just told me some positive, encouraging things - just to keep pushing, keep going," Burns said. "I can't get my head down about this. I've got three more years, and anything can happen any time during the season." Burns best days as an Auburn football player are ahead of him.