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Dead Period and Other Tidbits


Well, the College Football season has been over now for a whopping five days and I am all ready bored.  I guess with Auburn not being in a bowl game, and all the people bashing Auburn for the coaching issues has worn me out.  This is what I have always called the “dead period.”  Remember Dead Day, or Dead Week on Campus.  It was the day/week before finals and nothing was going on… no parties… no nothing.  This is the same thing, except we are old now.  We don’t party like that anymore anyways…

Dead period is the time between the National Championship Game and National Signing Day.  Signing Day is typically is the first Wednesday in February, so that would be the 4th this year.   Personally, the reason I call it the “Dead Period” is because there is plenty of speculation but nothing really means anything on the recruiting trail until that February day.  And you are crazy if you believe a word that a 17-18 year old tells you prior to his signature on the paper, and it faxed to the Athletic Offices.   So I try and take a break from it all, until Signing Day, all the hope and all the drama just… again, it wears me out. 

Another part of the Dead Period is that although College Basketball is great, nothing really gets good and heated until late February /early March.  It is also hard to follow Auburn Basketball because we give up a 17-2 run to start the second half against South Carolina in our SEC opener, and I am sure that will be a microcosm of our season.  I am proud of there seven game winning streak though.  That was nice. 

And lastly, the Dead Peroid is not so bad for some folks that are NFL people due to the playoffs… playoffs?  Did some one say Playoffs?  (in my best Jim Mora voice).  My two teams are out, so forget it.  Atlanta got killed in Arizona and the Colts got screwed in San Diego.  NFL is dead to me now…

There is still some news to report though; it seems that Coach Chizik is trying to lure Tracy Rocker back home from Nutt’s staff at Ole Miss.  As I posted last week, I have been waiting on this since Tuberville got fired… ummmm resigned. 

On the Recruiting front, Tracy Rocker and Tyrone Nix from Ole Miss have been after Johnnie Farms out of Perry GA.  I guess the Rocker to Auburn news is spreading because Farms is making a trip to Auburn in two weeks.  He is a verbal to UNC, but everyone knows that the SEC is where it is at.

Lutzenkirchen, from Lassiter High here in Metro Atlanta has told that his is still committed to Auburn and Coach Chizik.  That is great news, speaking Malzhan loves the Tight Ends that can move like receivers.  Think Dallas Clark of the Indianapolis Colts.  Now if we can get a Peyton Manning to toss it to him. 

I am sure there is plenty more to come.  

War Damn Eagle