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Pat Dye Saves Sammy The Cat

Pat Dye: Football coach and cat lover.

Good Wednesday morning to you. Three more work days until another long weekend. Martin Luther King Day may be the best timed holiday of the year. After taking some days off during Christmas it's great to jump right back into another three-day holiday.

Here's an unfortunate story that took place over the weekend in Auburn. You may remember the name Taylor Jones from last December. He's the 18 year-old student that organized the campus protest over Tommy Tuberville's firing. You'll remember the students marched to the President's Mansion and Taylor met briefly with school president Jay Gogue to voice his displeasure.

Early Sunday morning, Jones was involved in a fight at the Sigma Phi Epsilon House that has left him in unsatisfactory condition at a hospital in Columbus, Georgia. The fight is not believed to be related to the campus protest last year.

A lot of people ask what former Auburn Coach Pat Dye is up to these days. We know that he's been outspoken in his support of new coach Gene Chizik and may have even played a role in his hiring. He also runs a well know hunting lodge in Notasulga, Alabama. He's now got a new cause: Cat's Rights Supporter

It's seems that Dye has loaned his credibility to Sammy, the tiger-stripped cat that lives in the post office in tiny Notasulga. Dye's feline friend was evicted from his home by the postal service and forced to live outside. This has outraged many of the citizens of the small community, including Dye. Here's the story from WSFA in Montgomery. Can you tell it's a slow news day?

Finally, I want to share with you a YouTube clip from a recent Paul Finebaum radio broadcast where sports personality Tim Brando goes off on an Auburn fan who questions Brando's football playing experience. You need to ignore the video. Some Alabama yahoo puts up a stupid picture of the Auburn caller sitting on a toilet. I guess it's supposed to be funny, but it just makes the person posting it look ignorant. Anyway, listen to the audio. It's hilarious.  Brando totally losses his cool on-air. Apparently, this is not the first time he's been questioned about his credentials.