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Recruiting and Plus One?

As I posted last week, and War Eagle Atlanta posted yesterday, the Dead Period is in full swing and now that the staff is all but completed, the tumbleweeds are a blowin’. 

Every one should take this time to do all the little things that you have been meaning to do for the last 9 months, like trim back the trees and bushes, get LASIK eye surgery, go for your annual physical and maybe even visit the dentist… well we might let that one side for a couple more months.  Either way… MAN IS IT SLOW!!!


All that seems to be on the wire is recruiting news and I am refusing to believe any of it until the signature is actually on the paper in the Athletic Department.  But here is the rundown.  This kid has been in Auburns Camp for 3 months, but has decided to make other visits.  Lets not forget this other 18 year old, he is a top 5 receiver in the nation.  He is visiting Auburn but has no chance of actually going there.   And lastly there is this other dude, he is a stud, and although Auburn is pressing hard, most think he is going to Oklahoma, Notre Dame or some other school that is not in the SEC.


That is about all I hear, don’t get me wrong I still read about it, but what you read above is just about the way it all sounds to me.


I do like this tidbit of info.  The PAC 10 says that it will get out of the BCS if it goes to a “Plus 1” format.  Wow BCS officials, you should jump all over that.  I am sure the Mountain West or WAC would love to jump in the mix.  The only conference I can see that would not be happy about it is… well the schools in the PAC 10, and the Big Eas(y)t.  If the PAC 10 backed out, no team in the conference would have a chance to play in the Rose Bowl ever again, unless they truly deserved it.  What a novel idea.  Give the SEC or Big XII two teams in the BCS bowls if they deserve it and tell the Big Eas(y)t, and PAC  10 to shove it.  USC would play either in the national title game or the holiday bowl.  SWEET!


That is all I have on this slow week of Auburn Football news…


War Damn LASIK