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Tuesday News and Notes

Trooper Taylor will coach receivers and serve as assistant head coach.


It looks like at least part of Auburn made it to the BCS and the Fiesta Bowl. Or did it? The burning question this morning is whether the eagle that flew into the stadium prior to the Texas-Ohio State game Monday night was Auburn's own "Spirit." The bird certainly looked just like Spirit. However, those handling him (or her) looked nothing like the Auburn crew. If anyone knows, please share with us. It's the important things in life that matter.

If anyone knows how Oklahoma State feels this morning, it's Auburn people - See Mack Brown. Gene Chizik has now snagged two coaches off Mike Gundy's Cowboy staff and there may be more on the way. Yesterday, the hiring of Trooper Taylor became official. He will coach wide receivers and hold the title of assistant head coach, which really means nothing at all.

I suppose these titles help justify paying these guys so much to coach a position. The best one to date is the "promotion" that Dabo Sweeney gave defensive coordinator Brad Scott at Clemson. In addition to running the defense, Scott now holds the title of executive head coach. For a guy that got rolled by Tony Franklin that's a mighty big title.

There's still no word on whether Gundy will lose offensive line coach Joe Wickline to Auburn. Chizik is said to be working hard to bring him back South. Wickline graduated from Florida in 1983 and was offensive line coach for the Gators from 2002-2004.

I don't believe I've ever heard of a school taking three assistant coaches from another program in a week's time. We just thought Gundy's tirade last year was bad. He may have to be controlled with a straight jacket if Wickline walks. But then again, he's a man and he's 40 - make that 41 now.

From top to bottom is there a worse stable of announcers than what Fox has put together for this bowl season? They are horrendous. The worst was when they wheeled out Pat Summerall to do the Cotton Bowl. On three different occasions, Summerall commented that Ole Miss was a "happy" team. Say what? Thankfully, Fox will be a distant memory when ESPN takes over the BCS games in 2011.