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Happy With Chizik Hirings

I am feeling pretty good about what Gene Chizik has done as far as bringing in offensive coaches, but what about the defense?  Does anyone else think that it is strange that all our hires have been offensive, except for retaining Willis?  Maybe Chizik is playing off everyone’s panic about Auburn not being able to score points last season.  Maybe he knows that with his defensive schemes, he can get a lesser known.

Personally, I was thinking that shortly after the huge Ole Miss win over Texas Tech, we were going to hear about the hiring of Tracy Rocker. He has been a defensive line coach in the SEC now for seven years and has produced a couple of high draft picks in the NFL.  Most of us also know what kind of player and leader he was while on The Plains.  He would be a good choice for the same position here. 

It looks like Rodney Garner is not in the running anymore with his statements of staying at UGA.  I am not sure that if I was Rodney I would want to come to Auburn to be an Assistant Coach, after being talked to as a potential Head Coach.  If the rumors are true.

We did get a lesser known, at least to us as SEC folks.  Ted Roof was named our DC in the afternoon yesterday.  He is currently at Minnesota, and is more known for not doing to well at Duke as a Head Coach.  If memory serves he was 6-44 from 2003 until 2007.  An interesting note is he was a grad assistant at Bama, under, I think, Bill Curry.  I am sure that more is to come on him.  

On another note, has anyone noticed that at a supposedly “racist school,” Auburn has hired six Assistant Coaches to date, and four of them are men of color.  Where are ESPN, FOXSports, and all the other sports media now?  It is obvious that they have no more interest in Auburn after the Head Coach was hired.  No badmouthing to do at the moment.

War Damn Eagle