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Long Awaited Fortune Magazine Article On Bobby Lowder Hits Newsstands


The long awaited Fortune Magazine article on Auburn trustee Bobby Lowder hits newsstands this week and tonight the story is published on the magazine's web site.  Below is an excerpt of the story along with a link to the piece at Fortune Magazine.

(Fortune Magazine) -- Just after 9 a.m. on a humid Friday in late September, the trustees of Auburn University gather in a campus hotel conference room for their first meeting of the new school year. Even this early in the day there's a bit of electricity in the air. It is football season, it's a home-game weekend, and expectations are running high.

The Tigers have a new coach and are undefeated through their first three games. When 87,000 orange-and-blue-clad fans gather in Jordan-Hare stadium on Saturday night to watch Auburn vanquish another overmatched out-of-conference visitor, chests will be puffed up.

But first a bit of higher-ed theater must be played out. Auburn is a state-funded school, and the trustees' meetings are open to the public. More than 100 university staffers, faculty, reporters, and interested citizens have gathered this morning to watch the board tend to school business.

Read the rest at Fortune.