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Back to the Future

Someone cue up the storm so lightning can hit the clock tower and make sure Marty and Doc are ready with the Delorean.  I want to get back to 2009.  Was it just me or did I just watch an Auburn game from 2008?  Think I am making this up?  I am not, it was like a replay of last season.  Is this loss going to be the Vandy of 2008... I doubt it, but it could.  Is it time to panic for Auburn Fans?  I say yes and no.  


I will be the first to admit, I was really thinking that Auburn would be something special this season.  A 5-0 start and I was even thinking that Chizik would be SEC Coach of the Year and maybe even National Coach of the Year (although Cincy’s Brian Kelly might have that one locked up).  Malzahn would be the Browles Award winner and Auburn would be back on the national stage.  Now, I am not so sure.  Yes Auburn will still beat some people.  The Tigers are in the SEC and any team can win on any given Saturday. Ole Miss is mediocre, LSU as well.  Georgia is just plain bad, but Auburn cannot say much... the Tigers are bad as well.


The first signs of 2008 was Chris Todd.  He is back to Version 1.0.  I only half watched the Tennessee Game, but something had to have happened to him during that game.  His arm is not the same as it has been over the first 5 games.  It looked weak during the Arkansas game, but I thought maybe he was just off.  For it to be the same way a week later... panic.  He throw two balls that in my opinion were Todd 2.0 throws.  One to Fannin (I think) over the middle for a critical first down in the fourth quarter, and the other was a throw away on a 3rd and 4 late in the fourth quarter.  Someone please tell me that they saw the play or the point where Chris Todd became 1.0 again.  I refuse to believe that it is just fatigue.   I hope it is, but something just does not seem right.  My Mother even text messaged me last night and told me that something had to be wrong. How can he fall off so fast?  I know that the defenses are daring him to win the game, but that should help him not hurt.  


The next sign was all the penalties.  The Tigers were full of them, with most coming at crucial points in the game.  Most notably was the final drive for Auburn.   A 3rd and 1 turned into a 3rd and 11, and they were dumb penalties.  The second one was after a time out no less.  False Starts and illegal formations cannot happen in the fourth quarter, PERIOD.  The only decent news was that it was not Ziemba this time.   


Lastly, I would like to point out the defense.  Well, no second thought no I will not.  We all know about them.  I would like to point out that at least the Ted Roof did have the Tigers blitzing some.  Not that it really mattered much.

Auburn will beat Furman to get six wins.  I am sure of that, but all the other games are losses or toss ups.  Am I giving up on this years Tigers?  Never, but no longer are the Tigers the powerhouse that most fans, including me thought they would be.  I might even regret this post the day after, but I doubt it.


War Damn Eagle