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Weekend Picks


I'd like to buy a Vol, please...



Since War Damn Zach is indisposed, I'll throw up our game picks for this weekend. Boy, it sure is easy when there's no spread to pick against. These games have to get harder at some point!


Auburn at Tennessee:

War Eagle Atlanta: Auburn, 38-24

Jay Coulter: Auburn, 28-24

War Damn Zach: Auburn, 31-21

Acid Reign: Auburn, 23-16


Alabama at Kentucky:

War Eagle Atlanta: Alabama, 41-10

Jay Coulter: Alabama, 42-7

War Damn Zach: Alabama, 42-7

Acid Reign: Alabama, 33-0


LSU at Georgia:

War Eagle Atlanta: LSU, 34-24

Jay Coulter: Georgia, 31-28

War Damn Zach: Georgia, 17-14

Acid Reign: Georgia, 42-24


South Carolina vs. S. Carolina State:

War Eagle Atlanta: SC, 45-3

Jay Coulter: SC, 56-0

War Damn Zach: SC, 35-3

Acid Reign: 38-13


Ole Miss at Vanderbilt:

War Eagle Atlanta: Ole Miss, 24-17

Jay Coulter: Ole Miss, 35-7

War Damn Zach: Ole Miss, 30-17

Acid Reign: Ole Miss, 42-6


Miss State Vs. Georgia Tech:

War Eagle Atlanta: GT, 28-24

Jay Coulter: GT, 28-17

War Damn Zach: GT, 24-13

Acid Reign: GT, 31-20


Arkansas Vs. Texas A&M:

War Eagle Atlanta: Arkansas, 31-30

Jay Coulter: Arkansas, 28-14

War Damn Zach: Arkansas, 35-24

Acid Reign: Arkansas, 27-17


Season Standings:

War Eagle Atlanta: 33-1

Jay Coulter: 31-3

War Damn Zach: 31-3

Acid Reign: 30-4


 Special thanks: Devil With the Blue Dress On