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Make or Break?


Leading up to the huge game against LSU, I was hoping to be playing a chance to have the Alabama/Auburn game be for the SEC West.  We all know that is out of the question barring a meltdown by everyone except Auburn. 

Now what we have is an overrated LSU squad, and an Auburn team that has no idea where it stands.  LSU is still in the top ten which amazes me.  They are not that good.  The Purple Tigers are as weak up front as anyone in the league.  Charles Scott is a man to reckon with, Jordan Jefferson is not quite ready to be the elite player that I think he can be, and the WRs are just average.  With that said, who knows what Auburn team will show up in Baton Rouge. 

The defense is thin… but I hate using that as an excuse.  Even when the Tigers are healthy and it is early in the game, they are still out of position.  The LBs and secondary are still missing tackles.  So while Auburn is thin for sure, that is not the biggest reason they are not able to stop opposing offenses. 

Offensively Auburn is going to be fine.  Todd has lost some zip, I am positive of that, but he is still capable of leading this team.  Ben Tate is still one of the best backs in the SEC, now if only Auburn can complete a pass or two to get eight men out of the box.  Onterio McCalebb has been hurt since his tweaked ankle in the Ball State game.  He is still not 100% but he can still make a man miss, albeit not as quickly as before.  I do think that the Tigers running game should use Eric Smith as a decoy a bit though.  If Eric is in the game there is little doubt that Auburn is going to run behind him.  And where are the Tight Ends?  Tommy Trott has not caught a pass in weeks.  Well, that is not true but we should use him more.  What happened to Gabe Mackenzie? Philip Lutzenkirchen?  He has not played since his TD catch against Mississippi State.  Seems like a waste of a redshirt to have him play less than 15 minutes. 

On a high note it looks like Philip Pierre-Louis is going to be out punt return man.  While he has not done anything fantastic, he gets an A from me for not getting noticed by fumbling.  I always thought he could make a good return man, speedy and good hands.   Also Wes Byrum is still able to bang home a game winner… Gene’s boys just might need him down the road. 

On paper this game is a blow out… Top Ten LSU in Tiger Stadium at night on ESPN.  All the signs are there.  Heres to hoping in reality it is not.  Auburn will have all sorts of problems stopping Charles running and Brandon LaFell catching, but something tells me this game will closer than the experts think.  Auburn is not finished yet.  I am not ready to throw in the towel, and I am quite sure that Auburn in not either.   

What do you think?  Am I crazy or does Auburn have a shot.

War Damn Eagle