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All Eyes on the Quarterback.


(Ole Miss at Auburn, Open Thread!)


     War Eagle, everybody! It's another rainy college football morning, but I'm fired up! Auburn hosts the Ole Miss Rebels today, kicking off at 11:21 AM on the SEC Network. Check your local listings. Auburn has been a very good team in the rain, this season, and here's hoping the Tiger offense can get back on track!

     It's time to roll up the yards, and make Houston Nutt's 5th trip to the Plains an unhappy one! Nutt is 2-2 at Auburn, in his head coaching career. Auburn defeated Nutt's Razorbacks in 2000, 21-19. In 2002, Nutt's offense took advantage in a 38-17 Arkansas win. Auburn turned the tables in 2004, roaring out to a 30-0 second quarter lead, and coasting to a 38-20 win. In 2006, Auburn forgot to set their alarm clocks, and lost to the Razorbacks 27-10.

     We'll be here all morning, sipping hot coffee and half 'n' half. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and let's have a great Auburn day! Track 'em Tigers, just like beagles! Give 'em HELL, you War Damn Eagles!