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Week FIVE Pick Em Contest Results


Look, Associated Press. If you keep providing SB Nations with pics of Erin, I'll find ways to work them in...


If you were panicking six games into the pick em and only had one winner, don't feel like a Lone Ranger. Virtually all of us were feeling the pain as the early results weren't promising. Many 'upsets' occurred this past week (with the line) and threw us all off.  Revwhitten and Jacory Is My Boytook first place with 11 games each. Our mean result was around 7.5, which coincidentally, is also the average ACT score at the Capstone... 

All but one of us took Alabama and was rewarded, but only one person took UTEP and the points with Houston successfully.  Every single one of us took Virginia Tech and lost, and only three were victorious on Arkansas State and the points with Iowa. (No word if one of those was Tommy Tuberville) And lastly, only three people correctly picked Michigan State over Michigan.

Of the 42 people who signed up, it looks like we've retained 37. We're seeing a little separation in the pack now after week five, and with your worst two weeks thrown out, the leaders in our fair little group are:


1) Bowling Thunder  42

2) AU Texan  40

3) auburn tigers  39

4) T- WDE in 09  38

4) T- Season of Josie

6) T- burah  37

6) T- jd is legend

6) T- autrpt13

6) T- au dude

10) 10 people tied